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Draft Programmme
Wednesday 21 June 2006
09:00Opening Plenary
09:00 Opening of workshopAlessandro Annoni
09:20 Opening Address and WelcomeA. Hochwartmer
09:40 Guest SpeakerDavid Maguire
11:00INSPIRE Status
11:00 INSPIRE Decision Making ProcessPeter Wicks
11:20 INSPIRE DevelopmentAlessandro Annoni, Daniele Rizzi
11:40 Metadata Drafting TeamMarcel Reuvers
12:00 Data Specifications Drafting TeamClemens Portele
14:00INSPIRE Status II
14:20 Monitoring and Reporting Drafting TeamMarie-Louise Zambon
14:40 Data and Service Sharing Drafting TeamClare Hadley
15:00 Network Services Drafting TeamJean Jacques Serrano
16:00INSPIRE Round Table Discussion
Thursday 22 June 2006
09:00 INSPIRE from the National and Regional Perspective: Survey among the SDI stakeholders in the Czech RepublicEva Pauknerova, Pavla Tryhubova
09:15 Will INSPIRE come up to all Expectations?R. Gissing
09:30 The Spirit of INSPIRE lives in the Austrian Ministry of LifeLux, Fahrner, Zelenka
09:45 SDI Social and Economic Impact: Users' PerspectiveF. Salgé, J. Geirinhas, S.Gizzi
10:00 Framing the Evolution of Spatial Data InfrastructuresM. Wachowicz
10:15 Discussion
09:00PEER Group
09:00 The Importance of Geographic Information in Biodiversity and Nature ConservationR.A. Wadsworth & A. Watt
09:15 Setting up a GI Research Agenda for Environmental Management: The PEER ExperienceM. Wachowicz and S. Labbé
09:30 Landscape Character Assessment as a Basis for Planning and Designing Sustainable Land Use in EuropeD. Wascher, M. Perez-Soba & S. Mücher
09:45 European Environment Agency SDI – progress and plans to support the implementation of a shared environmental information systemM.P. Lund, J. Bliki, A. Sousa, M. Erhard, T. Jessen, C. Steenmans
10:00 Discussion
11:00National SDI
11:00 PortalU – A New Nationwide Portal to Environmental Information in GermanyT. Vögele, M. Klenke, F. Kruse
11:15 GI & SDI as part of National and Federal eGovernment: Status and Perspective for the work of the Chambers of Commerce and IndustryAndreas Fritzsche,
11:30 Geodata Distribution Nationwide - Geoportal of Czech Land Survey OfficeRobert Widz, Josef Havas, Vladimir Spacek, Jakub Svaty
11:45 The Spanish SDI: from technological to organizational aspectsAntonio Rodriguez Pascual,Paloma Abad Power,Emilio Lopez Romero,Alejandra Sanchez Maganto,Jose Angel Alonso Jimenez
12:00 Strengths and Weaknesses in Geospatial Data InfrastructureAngela Ionita, Ion Nedelcu, Viorel Chendes, Gheorghe Stancalie, Mihaela Bichir, Vlad Gancz
12:15 Discussion
11:00Metadata and Catalogues
11:00 Distributed Metadata Catalogues. Theory vs RealityIoannis Kanellopoulos, Lars Bernard, Michel Millot, Kristian Senkler and Uwe Voges,
11:15 Near-term metadata challengesGould, Rocha, Nativi, Nogueras, Manso
11:30 Standards-based approaches to publishing and accessing content in Spatial Data InfrastructuresClemens Portele, Reinhard Erstling
11:45 STYLEDCAT: Definition of a SDL catalogueAna Maldonado, Miguel A. Bernabé, Miguel A. Manso, Carmen Muñoz, María Teresa Manrique
12:15 Discussion
14:00National SDI II
14:00 Overview of the Inspire themes – exemplified through running national services in the Norwegian SDIArvid Lillethun
14:15 Swedish preparations for INSPIREStig Jönsson, Ulf Sandgren
14:45 INSPIRE and Danish e-Government initiatives, Synergi or ConflictJes Ryttersgaard
14:45 Ravi and Dutch National Clearinghouse are sharing Dutch Inspire activitiesB.C. Kok and M. Reuvers
15:00 Social and economic benefits from compiling the Forest Data Bank Project (Dasologio) in GreeceDimitrios S. Palaskas, Nikolaos I. Stamou
15:15 Discussion
14:00SDI Technology
14:00 “Where would you go for mapping services, [NMAs] or Google Maps?” - Implementing “hackable” user-driven GI services within SDIsGianni Barrotta, Piergiorgio Cipriano, Stefano Pezzi, Luigi Zanella
14:15 CSCAT: Catalogie of Coordinate Reference System Definitions and Translation Web ServiceM.A. Manso, M.A. Bernabé
14:30 The role of free software thick clients in SDI: Case of gvSIGGould, Esbri, Granell, Carrion
14:45 How to move forward in implementing SDIs with SOA?Çetin Cömert Halil Ak?nc?
15:00 Providing WFD Reporting over SDI servicesM. Á. Latre, R. Béjar, J. A. Álvarez, O. Castillo, P. R. Muro-Medrano
15:15 Discussion
16:00National SDI III
16:00 REGIO-GEO.CH – Inter Regional Spatial Data Hub with Automated Data Sharing and Quailty ControlAndré Bernath
16:15 OUT SPIREStefan Carlyle & Mike Clark
16:30 Development of a DAnish Infrastructure for Spatial Information (DAISI) - Goals and MeansHanne Brande-Lavridsen and Bent Hulegaard Jensen
17:00 Standards for Data and Metadata Sharing in Italy: the SIGMA TER InfrastructureGiovanni Ciardi, Piergiorgio Cipriano
17:15 Discussion
16:00Data Harmonisation
16:00 An Ontology Based Approach for the Construction of an Address Gazetteer: the IDEZAR Gazetteer Use-caseJ. Nogueras-Iso, F.J. López, J. Lacasta, F.J. Zarazaga-Soria, P.R. Muro-Medrano
16:15 EuroRoadS´contribution to the implementation of INSPIREUlf L Sandgren
16:30 A New Production Paradigm Using Based on a SDIP Trevelyan, G Mallin , Jeremy Tandy
16:45 ‘Feature/Object Data Models’ – a Report on the EuroSDR/EuroGeographics Workshop, 24-25 April 2006Peter Woodsford, Andreas Illert, Keith Murray, Clemens Portele, Markus Seifert
17:00 Data certification and spatial data quality managementMichael Sanderson
17:15 Discussion
Friday 23 June 2006
09:00Cross Regional SDI
09:00 Lounaispaikka regional GI service and collaboration initiative. Building a LSDI in South Western FinlandL. Nurmi & A. Vasanen
09:15 EU-Project: Cross-border Spatial Information System with High Added Value (CROSS-SIS)Jens Riecken, Surveying and Mapping Agency NRW, Bonn, Germany
09:30 Assessing the implementation of a X-border Spatial Data Infrastructure in the Euregio Mass RhineJ.D. Bulens, J. Crompvoets, F.R. Kooij, L.A.E. Vullings, A. Ligtenberg
09:45 SITAD: from a regional SDI to a model for delivering cross-border information on geographical dataLuigi Garretti Silvana Griffa Roberta Lucà
10:00 Discussion
09:00SDI Impacts
09:00 A Roaming-enabled SDI (rSDI) Or the Relationship between Technology and Market PresenceRoland M. Wagner, Albert Remke
09:15 Transparency of Accessibility to Government-owned Geo-informationF.M. Welle Donker, MSc & Dr. B. van Loenen
09:30 MOTIIVE Experiences Using Simulation Software to Assess SDI Cost-BenefitRoger A. Longhorn
09:45 Towards the Socio-economic Assessment of Spatial Data InfrastructuresMax Craglia, Joanna Nowak
10:00 Discussion
10:30Regional SDI
10:30 S.I.T.R. - Territorial Information System of SardiniaG.Pittau, R.Vinelli, L.Corvetto
10:45 How Municipalities are joining Regional SDI: First results and conclusionsJordi Guimet
11:00 Distributed Data Management in Internet Map Services: Experiences from Lounaispaikka Thematic AtlasAntti Vasanen & Tuuli Toivonen
11:15 Naverra in INSPIRE. Integration of SDI at Regional (IDENA) and Local (IDEPAMPLONA) levelM. Cabello, P. Echamendi, M.A. Jiménez de Cisneros, A. Valentín
11:30 Discussion
10:30Data Sharing
10:30 Data Sharing: Opportunities and ChallengesClare Hadley & Neil Sutherland
10:45 INSPIRE and IPR: a Thunderstorm or a Tempest in a Teapot?Katleen Janssen
11:00 Data Lending Service – A Novel Service Idea of the Finnish NSDIT. Toivonen, R. Kalliola & E. Ennola
11:15 Availability of Governmental Geo-Information, Complications in PracticeHans Nobbe
11:30 Discussion
12:00Closing Plenary and wrap up
12:00 How to keep rebuilding a SDI ? – The Portuguese ExperienceRui Pedro Julião
12:20 Closing and Wrap upAlessandro Annoni
12:40 Discussion