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Wednesday 04 July 2007

Opening Session

Chair: Alessandro Annoni, Rui Pedro Juliao

  Welcome Address

Alessandro Annoni, Rui Pedro Juliao

  Opening Address from the Secretary of State for Spatial Planning and Towns João Ferrão
  Collective Intelligence and Spatial Data Infrastructures António Câmara
  Representation and Computation of Geographic Dynamics Mike Goodchild

INSPIRE Time: ESDI for the Environment

Chair: Alesandro Annoni , Roger Cubitt, Hugo de Groof

  Context and Governance INSPIRE Team
  Work Plan (07-09) and Implementing Rules DevelopmentINSPIRE Team
  Strategy for co-funding INSPIRE Team
  Funding Opportunities: eContentplus, an example Krister Olson

INSPIRE Progress

Chair: Paul Smits, Daniele Rizzi

  Metadata Michael Gould
  Data Specifications Clemens Portele
  Network Services Jean-Jacques Serrano
  EU Geoportal ioannis Kanellopoulos
  Data and Service Sharing Clare Hadley
  Monitoring and Reporting Marie-Louise Zambon

SDI Technology I

Chair: Lars Bernard

  GeoPortals: Approaches and European Best Practices Guenther Pichler
  Technical Architecture GDI-DE Andreas Wytzisk, Ronald Mordhorst
  ESDI for the Environment: Technological Implementation Robert Widtz
  An Analysis of the Harmonized Base Model for Spatial Data in the Netherlands for Applicability in a European Context Ko van Raamsdonk, Wilko Quak
  Is there a SDI 2.0 model emerging? Alexandra Fonseca

SDI Implementation I

Chair: Rui Pedro Juliao

  Cadastral Web Services in Spain: from Private GIS to Public and Free WMS, included in Spanish SDI Carmen Conejo
  The Spanish NSDI (IDEE) Organisational Model: An Approach to Deploy a Collaborative Project Antonio Rodríguez
  Croatia on the Way to the European Information Society Željko Bacic
  From INSPIRE to Europe’s Spatial Data Infrastructure: The Contribution of the National Mapping & Cadastral Agencies Nick Land
  Géoportail, the French Citizens’ and Territories’ portal

Didier Richard, Francis Bertrand

  Socio-economic Analysis of the INSPIRE Implementation Impacts in the Czech Republic Jirí Hradec, Lenka Uhlírová

SDI Implementation II

Chair: Ioannis Kanellopoulos

  Galicia-North Portugal (SDI SIGN): Aims, Organizational Model and Databases Themes Manuel Gallego
  GI-INDEED, an e-Learning Initiative in Geo-Information for Environmental Management Compliant with the INSPIRE Directive Giorgio Saio
  Transforming the G back into ICT Keith Murray
  A Technical Viewpoint on the Norwegian Spatial Data Infrastructure (Digital Norway) Lars Fredrik Gyland
  The LUCAS project – Progress and Achievements Pascal Jacques

SDI Technology II

Chair: Clemens Portele

  The French National Geoportail in INSPIRE's pathAlbert Da Silva Pires
  Building spatial data infrastructures via web servicesDon Murray
  AGISGRID: a Spatial Dataset Infrastructure for Environment Modelling Andrea Deiana
  SDI Implementations in Multi-stakeholders Environment: The Challenge of Information ManagementWouter Van de Weghe
  Delivering 4D Environmental Data through Open Geospatial Standards : Current Challenges John Tate

SDI Implementation III

Chair: Joao Geirinhas

  Value Added GI Services: Respective Roles of Private and Public Players Frederika Welle Donker
  European Interregional Cooperation to Encourage INSPIRE Implementation in Navarra María Cabello
  X-border-GDI Sven Robertz
  Mosaic – the GI Strategy for Northern Ireland and the Spatial Indicators Project Suzanne McLaughlin
  Carpathia Geoportal - INTERREG's Support for the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians Andrzej Sambura
  Lessons learned designing and managing the implementation of regional spatial data infrastructures Mauro Salvemini

SDI Technology III

Chair: Guenther Pichler

  Monitoring SDI network services: The SDIGER project Use Case Rubén Béjar
  Design and Implementation of Persistent Testbed for Geo-web Services Eva Klien
  Designing a User Interface for a Web-based GIS Tool – A Concept for the Virtual Data Centre Frehner, M., Müller, K., Bauer-Messmer, B.
  Improving distributed catalogues Uwe Voges
  SOA : An interoperable Web Services Architecture for a better access and diffusion of geospatial informationVincent Dessard

Environment I

Chair: Marco Painho

  ASSIST, Alpine Safety, Security & Informational Services and Technologies Alexander Almer
  Keeping Track of legal and Cartographic Contexts in Protected Areas Arnald Marcer
  Maintaining geo-information for water-related objects. Geometry editing based on WFS-T Merijn Hansler
  From INSPIRE to Global Monitoring for Environment and Security (GMES) and the Global Earth Observation System of Systems (GEOSS) Patrice Christmann


Chair: Alexandra Fonseca

  Discover the Difference, Share the Load - Distributing Very Large Spatial Data Sets with Minimal Resources Jo Walsh
  Management of Environmental Metadata in Germany - Tools and Experiences Thomas Vögele
  Portuguese Efforts Towards Metadata Harmonization Henrique Silva
  Implicit geo-metadataMichael Gould
  Metadata Model for the European Forest Information and Communication Platform

Dirk Tilsner,Henrique Silva


Impact Assessment

Chair: Hans Dufourmont

  Policies Supporting Sharing and Reuse of GI in Norway and the UK: Are they within the spirit of recent EU Directives? Garfield Gif
  INSPIRE: The whole must be greater than the sum of the parts. Stefan Carlyle
  So you thought you had nothing to do with INSPIREAndrea Giacomelli, Paolo Cavallini
  PSI tips for INSPIRE Christopher Corbin
  Implementing INSPIRE in the Existing Legal Framework: A Unique Opportunity for CoherenceKatleen Janssen
  Multi-view SDI assessment framework Lukasz Grus

Environment II

Chair: Ana Sousa

  Interoperability challenges for developing a land use model in a trans-national context – lessons learnt from the Skagerrak region Henning Sten Hansen
  Contributions of GMES Land Monitoring projects to European SDI Implementation Henning Schrader
  INSPIRE and Dynamic Indicators: SDI towards Strategic Sustainable Development Maria José Vale
  Geospatial elements originating from the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy Wim Devos
  The Reality of Providing Consistent Environmental Data across Europe: An Example from the Geological Domain Kristine Asch
  Stockholm, Rio, Århus, Inspire: Mapping-Out Environmental Information Thomas Vögele

European Projects

Chair: Mauro Salvemini

  Marine Feature Types and Feature Type CataloguesKeiran Millard
  INSPIRE@EC Andreas Wytzisk
  European Scale Spatial Data Management supporting land-use analysis and modelling Henning Sten Hansen
  WIN: A new OGC compliant SOA for risk managementHéctor Pérez
  eWater: Development of a Spatial Hydrogeological Data Infrastructure in EuropeCaroline Heylen

Environment III

Chair: Kristine Asch

  Sustainable Use and Enlargement of the SDI for EU Noise Mapping in NRW – Best Practice for INSPIRE Angela Czerwinski
  OneGeology - the Birth of a Global Geoscience spatial data infrastructure, or just another noble aspiration?Ian Jackson
  Renewing the National Environmental SDI in Finland Taking into Account Modern Possibilities and the Inspire DirectiveRiitta Teiniranta
  Going NUTS on Human Bomonitoring: Spatial Data as a Link for Environment and Health Research Roel Smolders
  An Ontological Representation for Water Resources Management Nuno Charneca

INSPIRE: The Way Forward

Chair: Alessandro Annoni

  The Future of EUROGI in an INSPIRE'd Europe Mauro Salvemini
  GSDI 11 Bas Kok
  Workshop Wrap Up Paul Smits