INSPIRE Conference 2008

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Monday 23 June 2008

From INSPIRE to Slovenian SDI

09:00 Opening of the Workshop Alessandro Annoni
09:10 Welcome address by Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Mitja Bricelj, State Secretary
09:20 Welcome address by Municipality of Maribor Danilo Burnač, Vice Mayor
09:30 From INSPIRE to Slovenian SDI Tomaž Petek
09:45 The Story of INSPIREd Maribor Staško Vešligaj
10:00 Re-engineering SDI design to support Spatially Enabled Society and Government Abbas Rajabifard
10:30Coffee break
INSPIRE Progress
  Since the first INSPIRE Conference in Porto last year, important developments have taken place that are shaping the transposition and implementation of INSPIRE in the Member States. This session will report back on these events.
11:00 INSPIRE Progress Daniele Rizzi
11:30 Legal Transposition Hugo de Groof
12:00 Metadata Implementing Rule Paul Smits
12:20 EC support to INSPIRE technical developments Ioannis Kanellopoulos
12:45Lunch break
Reports from the INSPIRE Implementing Rules Drafting Teams
Reports from the INSPIRE Implementing Rules Drafting Teams
14:00 Network services Jean-Jacques Serrano
14:30 Data and service sharing Clare Hadley
15:00 Monitoring and reporting Marie Louse Zambon
15:30Coffee break
Legal Issues
16:00 Legal and organisational framework for the Spanish national SDI José Ángel Alonso
16:20 Seeing the bigger picture: mapping out a vision of INSPIRE Niall Watson
16:40 One Scotland:One geography INSPIRE in the world of :Politick Verdadero/Politick Reale/ Reales politick/ Vrai politick/ Echte politick Cameron Easton
17:00 INSPIRE directive in the Czech Legal System Jitka Faugnerova
17:20 Towards SDI Legislation in Poland Jerzy Gazdzicki
17:40 Discussion
Portals and Metadata
16:00 The German Environmental Information Portal PortalU® and INSPIRE Stefanie Uhrich
16:20 The Romanian geospatial portal builds a GIS foundataion for the Nation Cristian Vasile, Cristina Oana
16:40 Building metadata for spatial data of Hellenic Cadastre according to Inspire Directive D. A. Sarafidis
17:00 Towards an INSPIRE conformant national profil.AT for documenting geographic resources in an Austrian GDI (gdi.AT) M. Mittlboeck
17:20 Discussion
Innovative Solutions
16:00 Evolution of the Spanish Cadastral Virtual Office Amalia Velasco
16:20 GeoHub NI™ a shared spatial environment for all Suzanne McLaughlin
16:40 Spanish NSDI as a platform of resources and web services Paloma Abad
17:00 The GeoSciML initiative, an example of a domain specific initiative contributing to INSPIRE Jean-Jacques Serrano
17:20 Formal SDI development : The specification clash between nodes and network Javier Morales Guarin
17:40 Discussion
Education and Awareness Raising
16:00 Sharing of experiences: A tool for building a national SDI Ljerka Rašić
16:20 Research and Development Supporting the Implementation of a National SDI Anders Östman
16:40 Applying the Multi-view framework to assess National Spatial Data Infrastructures with particular focus on the Dutch SDI Lucasz Grus
17:00 The eGIS+ project: Developing Flexible Learning Models within Geographical Information Systems Erling Onstein,
17:20 How to complement INSPIRE : the vision of EUROGI Mauro Salvemini
17:40 Discussion
Tuesday 24 June 2008
Reports from the INSPIRE Implementing Rules Drafting Teams: Data Specifications
Status of work of Data Specifications Drafting Team
Round table discussion of INSPIRE Thematic Working Groups facilators
09:00 INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model Clemens Portele
09:15 Methodology for data specifications Andreas Illert
09:30 Round table of facilitators of the Annex I Thematic Working Groups
10:00 INSPIRE Data Specification Example: Administrative Units Geir Myrind
10:20 Testing INSPIRE Data Specifications Input for Implementing Rules, Guidelines, and Implementation Anders Friis-Christensen
10:30Coffee break
European Projects
11:00 NESIS - a Network to enhance a European Environmental Shared and Interoperable Information System Giorgio Saio
11:20 Implementing European Spatial Data Infrastructure – Best Practice Network through ESDIN project Antii Jakobsson
11:40 OneGeology-Europe: Building a world-leading geoscience spatial data infrastructure for Europe Ian Jackson
12:00 A trans-national SDI for academic geo-information: Lessons learned in the IDE-Univers project Paola Carrara
12:20 Discussion
12:30Lunch break
Reference Data
11:00 EuroGeoNames (EGN) – developing a European geographical names infrastructure and services Pier-Giorgio Zaccheddu
11:20 From UIR-ADR to RUIAN – addresses in Czech Republic Jan Zindulka
11:40 Trans-Tools : a European Transport Network model and the INSPIRE-track Catharina Bamps
12:00 The Slovenian First Steps Towards the Common European Spatial Reference System Blaž Mozetič
12:20 Discussion
12:30Lunch break
New Stakeholders
11:00 Location Intelligence: Delivering Actionable Analysis Xavier R. Lopez
11:20 What happened here? The importance of permanently preserving digital geographic information Eunice Gill, Linda Stewart
11:40 The impact of INSPIRE towards a unified information model in the defence arena Ed Figura
12:00 Role of remote sensing of the Earth in development of a national infrastructure of the spatial data Yevgen Bushuyev
12:20 Discussion
12:30Lunch break
INSPIRE Perspectives
14:00 AGI - putting INSPIRE inside GI Robin Waters
14:20 The United Kingdom Location Strategy Keith Murray
14:40 INSPIRE – A Nightmare or a Cleansing Process Jurij Režek
15:00 Is Local Government INSPIRED? Gesche Schmid
15:20 Discussion
15:30Coffee break
Environmental Data
14:00 Moving the National Soil Database for England and Wales (LandIS) towards INSPIRE Compliance Caroline A. Keay
14:20 Support of INSPIRE from the Meteorological Community - Use Case Examples Raymond Sluiter
14:40 Developing the Hydrographic Office role in SDI John Pepper
15:00 National GIS of mines and their dumps for the reassessments of hazardous consequences Miran Ferlan
15:20 Discussion
15:30Coffee break
INSPIRE Implementation
14:00 Implementation of SDI in Germany: GDI-DE – Technical Architecture and Organisation Model Martin Lenk
14:20 Real time GDI components for INSPIRE frameworks Josef Strobl
14:40 Implementing Spatial Data Infrastructures with semantic web services Çetin Cömert
15:00 Advancing in SDI’s through knowledge management María Cabello
15:20 Discussion
15:30Coffee break
Network Services Workshop I
The objective of the workshop is to provide technical details about INSPIRE Architecture and the draft Discovery and View services Implementing Rules. This workshop takes place after the review process where choices and decisions have been discussed, so the aim is now to explain and clarify these decisions. During the workshop, Network ServicesDrafting Team members will present the three components with time for discussion. The INSPIRE Architecture presentation will explain the choices about SOAP, GeoRM, Multilingualism, the challenges about performance. The sessions about Discovery and View services IR will detail the selected standards for these services, explain the rules applied to some main parameters and the link between metadata and discovery service.
14:30 Introduction Jean-Jacques Serrano, Graham Vowles
14:35 Architecture presentation Lars Bernard
15:00 Architecture discussion
15:30Coffee break
  Organisational Issues
16:00 Creation of an efficient NSDI strategy Vlado Cetl
16:20 Implementing INSPIRE in the Netherlands Ruby Beltman
16:40 Low-Cost SDI. The Portuguese example of building a SDI for small countries Rui Pedro Julião
17:00 Step wise approach developing Lithuanian Geographic Information Infrastructures Saulius Urbanas
17:20 Role and opportunities of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre at the Implementation of the INSPIRE Directive Vit Suchanek
17:40 Discussion
Environmental Applications
16:00 Beyond prototypes: A scalable, interoperable and operational SDI implementation supporting the EU Noise Directive Reinhard Erstling
16:40 Reviewing the information flow of Natura 2000 in view of SEIS Danny Vandenbroucke
17:00 Standardization and harmonization of zoonotic data and services: the INSPIRE opportunity Nicola Ferrè
17:20 Discussion
Industry Perspectives
16:00 Applying the power of server-based spatial ETL to Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) initiatives Don Murray
16:20 GSDI: Realising the vision Mark Doherty, Robert Widz
17:00 From service to capability Marten Hogeweg
17:20 Spatial data consistency to facilitate and drive INSPIRE Mike Sanderson
17:40 Discussion
Network Services Workshop II
16:00 Discovery services presentation Michel Grothe
16:30 Discovery services discussion
17:00 View services presentation Didier Richard
17:30 View services discussion
18:00 Workshop conclusions
Wednesday 25 June 2008
European Commission Initiatives
09:00 The socio-economic impact of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Catalonia. Results, comments and recommendations Jordi Guimet
09:20 INSPIRE@EC – Prototyping INSPIRE Services, Lessons Learned and the Road Ahead Andreas Wytzisk
09:40 INSPIRE Implementation in Ambient Air Quality Andrej Kobe
10:00 Prototype of INSPIRE technical Specifications for Environmental Monitoring facilities Ana.Grossinho,
10:20 Discussion
10:30Coffee break
Data Sharing
09:00 Legal aspects about sharing geodata: a business model for licensing geographic information Roberta Lucà
09:20 Public Private Partnerships for building Spatial Data Infrastructures Chris E H Corbin
09:40 Natura 2000: how to reconcile data sharing and sensitiveness of data? Katleen Janssen
10:00 Cooperation with spatial information obscured by clouds or the dark side of the moon? Walter T. de Vries
10:20 Discussion
10:30Coffee break
09:00 SPATIALIST: Describing and analysing the current SDI-status in Flanders (Belgium) Joep Crompvoets
09:40 SDI in Lombardia (Italy): the organisational model Andrea Piccin
10:00 Building a regional spatial monitoring system for the Flemish government Diederik Tirry
10:20 Discussion
10:30Coffee break
HUMBOLDT Workshop on Data Harmonisation
09:00 - 10:30 Data harmonisation, being one of the key aspects of INSPIRE, is also a core topic of the HUMBOLDT project, which aims at developing processes and tools for data harmonisation. HUMBOLDT partners have considerable experience in spatial data modelling, data and metadata management and have already participated in European data harmonisation projects . As one of the first steps of the HUMBOLDT project, a comprehensive analysis of the state of the art in data harmonisation and data management was undertaken. Key questions to be discussed during the workshop include:
  • What are the main data harmonisation requirements of INSPIRE?
  • Which are the main data harmonisation issues that were identified in previous cross-border SDI projects?
  • Which approaches were taken to tackle these issues (e.g. data harmonisation processes, creation of common data models, methods and languages for the specification of mapping rules, tools for mapping source models to target models?)
  • Can best practices be identified in the above mentioned areas?
 Introduction to the workshop and the HUMBOLDT project Eva Klien
 Data harmonisation processes in HUMBOLDT Christine Giger
 RISE Results & Lessons Learnt Wyn Cudlip, Dominique Laurent
 ORCHESTRA Jean-Jacques Serrano
10:30Coffee break
INSPIRE in the Bigger Picture
  INSPIRE is closely linked to SEIS, GEOSS and GMES. In this session an overview of the interconnections with these and other relevant initiatives will be presented.
11:00 The next step towards an integrated SDI for Europe Lars Backer
11:20 Towards a Single Information Space for the Environment in Europe Vilija Juceviciene
11:40 GMES - recent developments Arno Kaschl
12:00 SEIS network architectures for EEA/EIONET Stefan Jensen
12:20 Synergies and interconnections with INSPIRE and GEOSS Alessandro Annoni
13:00Wrap up