INSPIRE Conference 2008

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  Monday 23 June 2008
9:00 Opening Plenary
From INSPIRE to Slovenian SDI
11:00 INSPIRE Progress
Since the first INSPIRE Conference in Porto last year, important developments have taken place that are shaping the transposition and implementation of INSPIRE in the Member States. This session will report back on these events.
14:00 Reports from the INSPIRE Implementing Rules Drafting Teams
Network services
Data and service sharing
Monitoring and reporting
16:00 Legal Issues Portals and Metadata Innovative solutions Education and awareness
  Tuesday 24 June 2008
9:00 Reports from the INSPIRE Implementing Rules Drafting Teams: Data Specifications
Status of work of Data Specifications Drafing Team
Round table discussion of Thematic Working Group Facilitators
11:00 European Projects Reference Data New Stakeholders  
14:00 INSPIRE Perspectives Environmental Data Implementation Network services Workshop
The objective of the workshop is to provide technical details about INSPIRE Architecture, draft Discovery and View services Implementing Rules.
16:00 Organisational Issues Environmental Applications Industry perspectives
  Wednesday 25 June 2008
9:00 European Commission Initiatives Data Sharing Regional HUMBOLDT Workshop on Data Harmonisation
11:00 INSPIRE in the bigger picture
INSPIRE is closely linked to SEIS, GEOS and GMES. In this session an overview of the interconnections with these and other relevant initiatives will be presented.