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A Brief History Of The Piano

If you are going to be playing the piano, it is recommended that you know a bit about the history of the piano. The history of the piano will help you understand the makeup of the instrument and give you a better understanding of the workings of the piano. The history of the piano can […]

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Can You Learn How To Play An Instrument Online?

In the past, if you wanted to learn how to play an instrument, you either had to take lessons in person from an instructor or you had to try to learn from books or DVDs. Today, however, more and more people are turning to the Internet for music lessons. Just how effective are these lessons? […]

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Most Noticeable Piano Playing Tips

Chords are essential to make your music sound fuller and richer. Augmented and diminished chords are also utilized to create the music supporting the melody more interesting. Thus, a huge portion of getting good at these dorian chords is the capacity to recognize the most crucial notes of each chord. There is no easy and […]

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