GI2000 Archive

In these pages you will find a selection of the documents previously found in the GI2000 Site. Unfortunately we do not have access to all the documents previously stored on this site. Some links will not work.

GI2000 directory

GI2000 Document Changes

GI2000 Discussion Document - Aug@ust 1998

The EGII Policy Document

The EGII Policy Document

GI2000 - European GI Policy Framework

Geographic information for Europe

GI2000 Document Changes

Towards a European Policy of Geographic Information - French position

GI2000 Document Changes

FAQs concerning Geographic Information in DG XIII/E

Introduction to GI2000


GI2000 Archive: Introduction to GI

GI2000 Archive: Global Issues

GI2000 archive

GI2000 Archive: Global Issues


GI & GIS Landmark

GI & GIS Market Update

GI & GIS Impact

GI & GIS Introduction

GI Applications


GIS Reference Documents


GI2000 at European Day at GIS Planet 98

GI2000 / EGII - Preparatory meeting

Report of the Consultation Meeting on GI2000 - 4 March 1999

Commercial GI Data Providers Meeting - 28 November 1995 - Meeting Report

GISPOL September 1998 Conference Conclusions

GI2000 - @European GI Policy Framework

Short Review of GIS Planet 98 (Lisbon, 7-11.9.98)

GIS-Planet Proceedings

A vision for EGII

Short Review of GIS Planet 98 (Lisbon, 7-11.9.98)

National Mapping Agencies Meeting - 26 November 1996 - Meeting Report

European GI R&D Meeting - Meeting Report 20 June 1996

European GI Users Meeting - 28 May 1996 - Meeting Report

European GI Vendors Meeting - 29 May 1996 - Meeting Report