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Boosting of the geospatial data market
Title: Boosting of the geospatial data market
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Executive Summary
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Market survey:
Boosting of the geospatial data market in North Rhine Westphalia
MICUS Management Consulting GmbH
Geospatial data products have great market potential. If the appropriate framework conditions are created
in North Rhine Westphalia then a constantly increasing level of market growth can be achieved
by the end of 2003. This means the creation of a stable branch of economic activity with qualified jobs.
The geospatial data market in both North Rhine Westphalia and Germany as a whole is presently not
sufficiently well developed. Only approximately 15% of the market volume which could be attained in
North Rhine Westphalia has actually been achieved. The offers are predominantly of a technical nature,
specific solution-oriented applications are scarce. On the demand side the potential market participants
have not yet recognised what geospatial data applications can achieve. As a consequence
only low levels of turnover will be achieved in most application areas. The development of the market
will, in particular, be blocked by six entrance barriers:
 A central problem is the non-uniform data range of the public providers whose data is seldom extensive
and up to date.
 All in all there is not a sufficient level of transparency with respect to where which forms of data
can be procured.
 The procurement of basic geospatial data is frequently laborious and expensive.
 Various different exchange formats and high demands upon the hardware lead to technical problems.
 The prices for basic geospatial data are too high.
 The regulations relating to rights of use are too complicated.