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GINIE Workshop - Spatial Data Infrastructures: Country Reports
Title: GINIE Workshop - Spatial Data Infrastructures: Country Reports
Document type: REPORT
Document format: PDF
Document language: EN
Document (File or URL): http://wwwlmu.jrc.it/ginie/doc/SDI_final_en.pdf

This report is based on the presentations made and discussions held at the GINIE Spatial Data Infrastructure Expert Workshop, Ispra, Italy, 6-8th May 2002. Additional material has been added where required. We were also able to include the important SDI experiences of Finland and Portugal, whose representatives had been invited at the meeting but could not attend. They were however able to send the material required at a later stage for inclusion in this report. The report is structured in two parts: Part I presents a summary of each countrys experience in relation to the development of a national (or regional) SDI. Part II, provides a synthesis of the national experiences, with comparison, and evaluation, and recommendations for
actions from a European perspective.