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INSPIRE: State of Play Reports
Title: INSPIRE: State of Play Reports
Document type: REPORT
Document format: pdf
Document language: EN
Document (File or URL): http://www.ec-gis.org/inspire/
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This report has been produced in the framework of the preparatory work for INSPIRE implementation.

Between September and December 2002 an initial survey of web sites and literature on NSDIs was conducted for 32 (mainly) European countries (15 Member states, 10 Accession countries, 3 Candidate Countries, 3 EFTA countries and 3 non-European countries).

By June 2003, for 29 countries, this information was completed and corrected with the help of national GI- and SDI-experts.

The approach and results of this study, including a series of important recommendations for the implementation of INSPIRE is found in the summary report on the Inspire Website. Furthermore for all 32 countries a detailed country report with a description of the state of the play of its SDI, is available.

We strongly recommend GI-stakeholders to take a closer look at these reports.