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Establishing a GMES capacity by 2008 (Action Plan (2004-2008)
Title: Establishing a GMES capacity by 2008 (Action Plan (2004-2008)
Document type: COMMUNICATION
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Document language: English
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The plan outlines firm steps towards the establishment of a system that will harness, co-ordinate and enhance existing Earth observation and monitoring information from satellites and Earth-based sensors, in order to support better decision-making for the environment and security. The initiative aims at providing independent, cost-effective, and user-friendly services that can help to anticipate or address crises such as forest fires or floods, and lead to better management of issues ranging from the protection of the environment to combating illegal immigration. Today, a lot of data on these matters are available from many different sources, but for technical reasons or due to a lack of co-operation, they are often inconsistent or not fully integrated. With its Communication, entitled "Establishing a GMES capacity by 2008 (Action Plan (2004-2008)", the European Commission - in co-operation with the European Space Agency - is laying out the way forward.