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Belgian EU Presidency Conference GMES: Towards Implementation
Title: Belgian EU Presidency Conference GMES: Towards Implementation
Location Brussels, Belgium
Date 14-Oct-01
End Date 15-Oct-01
Event Website: http://www.cordis.lu/belgium/14102001.htm
Conference objectives and outcome
• Increase overall awareness in Europe about the GMES concept and implementation strategy;
• Widen the political support for the GMES Initiative from Research to Environment, Foreign
Affairs, Sectorial and Regional Policies;
• Obtain the support for the proposed GMES Action Plan from policy-makers and main
stakeholders in member states;
• Achieve recommendations for the timely implementation, including the appropriate resources allocation, involving all key-players in Europe.

The Conference Recommendations will serve as an input to the discussions on the implemen-tation
of the GMES Programme which will take place at the upcoming 2001 EU Research and Environment Councils and ESA Ministerial Council.