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Object oriented methods and development environment for geoscience applications
Title: Object oriented methods and development environment for geoscience applications
Acronym: OMEGA
Start date 01-Jul-97
End date 01-Jun-99
Project website:

Applied geosciences in the fields of petroleum exploration & production, mining, environment and civil engineering require systems where functions and data are increasingly distributed over company's networks. This is particularly true for 3D Earth's sub-surface modelling where a computerized 3 dimensional image of geological features is obtained from an huge amount of geophysical and geological data, along with a concurrent engineering process involving multi-disciplinary teams.

To this end, more complex and more interconnected, interoperable and distributed applications and data stores are needed. both end-user industry and software developers believe that use of object oriented methods into an open development environment which components are distributed using public networks will considerably increase efficiency to build geoscience applications which can be integrated with new and existing ones into a coherent application suite managed from a common desktop.

The OMEGA project will develop the extension to the geoscience domain, of the capabilities of an existing STEP based object oriented software factory (CAS.CADE from MATRA DATAVISION), originally designed for technical and scientific applications for computed aided design and manufacturing industry (CAD/CAM). During this project it is intended to create development tools and services to build applications compliant to existing open standards (CORBA for interoperabilty, STEP for geometry and topology, POSC for geosciences, WWW for communication).