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Archaeological Multimedia Data Management and Diffusion
Title: Archaeological Multimedia Data Management and Diffusion
Start date 01-Jan-97
End date 30-Jun-97

A very large amount of Archaeological data has been collected in the past years during systematic or random field surveys. GIS technology has been extensively used for these inventories and geographic, topographic and iconographic data are constantly added to the existing databases and supplemented by records transcribed from paper. At the same time, it is also recognised that GIS technology is not fully exploited in current systems and that the lack of a standard description of archaeological objects is hindering the development of products and services based on archaeological data. To overcome these limitations, the ARCHAEOLOGIS project is concerned with developing a methodology for gathering and diffusing archaeological data using recent advances in the GIS and Multimedia technologies. Three dimensional modelling, spatio-temporal structuring and analysis and Internet technologies will be used to devise and prototype an Archaeological Multimedia Data Infrastructure. Besides implicit applications for statutory and regulatory purposes, the Project will demonstrate how such an infrastructure will help stimulate the creation of advanced end-user Multimedia application and products, especially for educational and awareness purposes (CD-ROM, On-line services, Kiosks...). Potential users of such services will be found in administrative and government related agencies, research centers, tourism service providers, publishing industries or educational institutions... The main steps of the definition phase will address the following problems : - inventorying and classifying existing GIS and Multimedia data (metadata definition), - analysing the market for GIS and Multimedia products and services, - studying the legal aspects of acquisition and diffusion of data and products, - definition and design of the technical environment of the projected services, - development of a prototype integrating existing archaeological and contemporary data and making use of GIS and Multimedia technologies. The Project will initially be focused upon Roman data from the Mediterranean basin, but the methodologies will be defined so as to be applicable regardless of a specific area or period of time. The specific field of archaeological interest will be the relationship between Roman settlements in the Mediterranean Regions (from the late republic to the early Middle Age), with particular emphasis on the impact of Terrestrial and Maritime networks.