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Geological electronic information exchange system
Title: Geological electronic information exchange system
Acronym: GEIXS
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Objectif : The main objective of Geological Electronic Information eXchange System (GEIXS) is to bring together the existing but dispersed data holdings of geosciences information, gathered over more than a hundred years, presently held by the national geological surveys of the European Union, and to turn these information assets into a European resource.

Giniralitis : The project aims to create a meta-data server of harmonised geosciences information, located in Brussels, connected to the World Wide Web, together with suitable 2D and 3D geographical information system searching capabilities, to provide users with catalogue and meta-data level information in consistent format concerning the geosciences data held in databases of the national geological surveys, from where these more detailed data can be obtained.

The objectives will be achieved by harmonising to common standards, some of which will need to be defined, the existing digital indexes (meta-data) of information and developing the necessary exchange formats.

Because the meta-data relate to complex three dimensional surface and sub-surface geosciences data, it will be necessary to provide 2-D GIS search capabilities and 3-D facilities as a demonstrator of the detailed geosciences data available from national data centres.

It is intended to make the resultant system publicly available as a common information access point in Brussels (a "one-stop-shop") from where it can be contacted using the internet.

When complete, GEIXS will provide EU industry and the public with on line access to information about what geoscience data are available in any European country, with facilities to contact the national survey that holds the basic data, which will commit to act as data providers. In addition, GEIXS will stimulate the development of 3-D GIS software for handling sub-surface geological data.

GEIXS will enable access to infrastructural information thereby enhancing industrial competitiveness and providing a vehicle for the delivery of added value geosciences based services and consultancies; also the software developed within the project for 2-D and 3-D manipulation will give technical advantage to the European software industry.